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The Weekend Saver

One weekend of planning to save countless future weekends of grading.

What if you never had to grade off the clock again?
With The Weekend Saver, there's no need to calculate scores to grade assignments. You'll learn how to plan & design mastery-based digital badges in one weekend.

Do you ever find yourself grading assignments when you should be spending time with your friends and family?

Have you ever been discouraged because you know you're putting in more time to grade than the learners put into their submitted work? 

Are you annoyed with how much time is wasted debating a percentage point after you post grades?

What if there was a way to avoid grading, save you time & energy, and improve student mastery?

That's exactly why I created The Weekend Saver.

Take your personal time back in one weekend by designing your own digital badging system and changing the way you and your students look at grades!

With The Weekend Saver, you will receive:

  •  An image gallery exploring the variety of options with digital badging
  •  A breakdown of the differences between grading & badging
  • A badge "kit" to help you plan and design your own badges
  • An opportunity to earn your own digital badge to share online
  •  Three Printable infographics that illustrate:
  • + basics of digital badging
  • + types of digital badging
  • + the digital badging process

Right now, you're struggling with...

... More responsibilities than there is time during the work week to complete them.

... Feelings of guilt for having to choose between yourself, family, and friends... and getting assignments graded in a "timely fashion". 

... How much time & effort you put into grading assignments that seem more like "busy work" or "test prep" than actual learning opportunities.

Imagine if... 




...get your weekends back! 

This is all possible when you transition from grading to digital badging using The Weekend Saver!!


I'm Dr. Steph Stripling, EdD.

I have been in education since 1999. 

As soon as I learned about digital badging, in 2017, I was hooked! 

I have spent the past five years refining a grading system that works for me, and, during this time I have been able to spend thousands of hours doing things I love outside the classroom that were impossible before digital badging.

I created The Weekend Saver as an introduction to the basics of badging so that other educators can avoid the inevitable agony that comes with wasting personal time to grade.


In The Weekend Saver, I have included nine different resources designed to introduce you to digital badging and guide you through planning and designing your own digital badges. These are presented in five sections, using my SCOPE method of analysis:

Survey the image gallery that I have curated for you. Here, I will not only show you how varied and individualized digital badges can be, but also ways a digital badging system can be organized. This is a great resource for anyone new to digital badging, but even if you are familiar with the concept, this gallery will help you envision new ways to use digital badging in your classroom.

Consider ways that grading and digital badging might compare in this side-by-side chart. If you need a reason to buy-in, whether for yourself or for other stakeholders, then this chart will be a great tool! It demonstrates how digital badging can help prioritize student-centered learning and active learner engagement, taking the bulk of the responsibility off of your shoulders.

Observe concepts that are central to digital badging. I have provided three infographics, each with unique insight into the practice of digital badging. In "basics of digital badging", you will be presented with the 4 Ws (what, where, who, when). In "types of badging", I have broken down ways that digital badging can be applied in the classroom". In "the badging process", I have provided a step-by-step diagram of teacher & student responsibilities in a classroom that utilizes digital badging. Each of these three infographics are high-resolution and can be printed to poster-size for in-person classroom use. These tools take the guesswork out of explaining the badging process to your stakeholders.

Prepare to implement your own digital badging using the toolkit I have provided. In this kit, you will get a planning map that helps easily transfer grading with rubrics into badging. I have also provided a labeled digital badge for this course to aid in identifying all of the badge components, as well as access to an editable digital badge design template.

Evaluate your own learning by submitting your first badge map & design to our Instagram community page and I will issue you a digital badge for completing this mini-workshop!



Primary & Middle school educators

A badging system can be a really fun, colorful, exciting way for your students to "collect" their grades! You can embrace your own creative spirit and turn learning into a game! Using The Weekend Saver, you can create a super-simple way to show evidence of mastery that your student can appreciate... and you can have more time to work on your next classroom transformation, or enjoy some time outdoors!

Secondary school educators

Your students are still children who enjoy fun games, whether they admit it or not! Digital badging is not only a way to make learning fun for your students, it is also a great way for them to start showing others what they have learned. At this age, your students can use badges to get jobs or internships... or even get into colleges or get scholarships. Digital badges have real-world application in a way that report cards never will. You will not only be supporting your learners in real, transferrable ways, but you will also be saving the energy often spent debating their earned percentage points. Implementing a digital badging system using The Weekend Saver will mean that you get to spend more time supporting your school's athletics events, taking care of you, and being with people you love!

Post-Secondary school educators

Digital badging is gaining tremendous value in the work force. Using a verified digital badging program (usually available for free through your institution's LMS), you can help your learners build a career profile that will set them up for success with immediate benefits, including lines on their resumes or CVs.  The Weekend Saver will not only save you from these negative associations with grading, but it will also free up your time & energy to prioritize the research & service responsibilities of your career, and still give you time to socialize outside of work!


Building digital portfolios can have potential value that transcends the traditional academic transcript. It will also help eliminate the complaining and confusion when students feel like an assessment is just another hurdle to clear, and the grade they earned is in their way. We have all had those moments, immediately after posting grades... that feeling of dread in anticipation of the panicked email responses from students, following very closely by the feeling of irritation as the emails trickle in. The Weekend Saver can help avoid these negative experiences.

So, how does this work?

Step 1

Purchase The Weekend Saver to access the digital materials in the package.

Step 2

Use the provided materials to design, make, and implement a digital badging system that works for you.

Step 3

Post your first digital badge on our Instagram page with the hashtag #theweekendsaver, and earn a digital badge for completing this mini-workshop!

REFUND POLICY:  Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you could be Tw months from now...

 ... maybe you have used the time you've saved taking care of other work responsibilities that you had been unable to accomplish when you were averaging percentage points for every assignment.

... perhaps you've enjoyed some guilt-free time making memories with family and friends, or focusing on your own work-life balance, with the extra hours you have each week.

... you may now feel like the assignments you are assessing serve a purpose that reaches beyond the report card or transcript, and feel a greater sense of job satisfaction knowing that you are spending your time on facilitating authentic learning.

The Weekend Saver

One weekend of planning to save countless future weekends of grading.

With The Weekend Saver, there's no need to calculate scores to grade assignments. You'll learn how to plan & design mastery-based digital badges in one weekend!

Take your time back starting today for only $9.99*!

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