About Us

Hello there!

We are Dr. Steph (left) and Miss Jen (right),
aka the WordTopia sisters.
We co-own WordTopia., LLC,
the parent company of CourseTopia, and BookTopia.
Below the picture, we will tell you a little about us, and our learning and bookstore company!

Dr. Steph is the CEO of WordTopia., LLC and her primary responsibilities are with CourseTopia - the learning part of the company. In CourseTopia, we offer a variety of services related to teaching and learning, including: digital course design and creation for small businesses and educators, writing services, and courses & products offered as CourseTopia products.

Currently, Dr. Steph's first supplemental publication "The Weekend Saver", a resource for educators and trainers who are interested in designing and offering their own digital badges, is available as a PDF on this site, or in Kindle Books.

CourseTopia is also offering ServSafe Food Safety Manager Courses and certification exams taught & proctored by Miss Jen!


Miss Jen is the COO of WordTopia., LLC and her primary responsibilities are with BookTopia - the bookstore part of the company. In BookTopia, we have a wide selection of over 2000 used books in topics such as:

culture & history
fiction (general)
fiction (romance)
health & wellness
psychology & relationships
words (language and speeches)
other (children, DIY, music)

In addition to our used book selection, we also expanding to offer new listings in the near future.

Our flagship new book listing, Letters to Our Daughters by Coach Cayme Andrea is currently available for purchase!


Although our responsibilities are divided for efficiency, both Dr. Steph and Miss Jen work together to run CourseTopia and BookTopia, together, as we build our brand.

We want all aspects of WordTopia., LLC - including the WordTopia Sisters brand - to reflect our priorities, as sisters, as female business owners, and as human beings, in general.

Our priorities are: 

1. Changing the Work/Life Narrative: we want to build a business that inspires us. We are working hard to co-create a brand that is so fulfilling we won't need a vacation from our lives. We want WordTopia., LLC to be a place we can escape *to*, not from. This includes our involvement in the GISH community - a space where we are encouraged to: "embrace our weird", challenge our notions of what is possible, and find joy in helping others... in the most chaotic and awe-inspiring ways. Being part of the GISH community since 2018 is what helped both sisters take the leap into small business ownership, and work toward our goals of thriving and not just surviving.

2. Authenticity & Transparency: we have both worked really hard to be real and accessible in: our personal lives, as individuals, as sisters, and in our relationships with other people in our lives. We want to take this spirit of our authentic, transparent lifestyles, and share, through our companies, the joy and peace that being real and accessible has allowed us to embrace.

3. Social-Emotional Learning: As a learning and bookstore company, we strive to promote work-life balance. As an educator, Dr. Steph has spent recent years dedicated to developing a learning environment that prioritizes social-emotional learning. Miss Jen has prioritized work/life balance through her own personal health & wellness journey in recent years. Together, the WordTopia Sisters are committed to helping others find their own balance and will use their brand to help others grow in their relationships with other people, and themselves.

Our emphasis on social-emotional learning includes a determination to advocate for - and amplify the voices of - marginalized communities. We stand with other humans who are habitually ignored, abused, or dismissed in our current societal structure. The WordTopia Sisters are actively anti-racist and pro-choice.

Our support includes, but is not limited to, the following,
in no particular order: 


Persons of Color

Native Americans/First Nations Communities


Efforts to Maintain Independence in Ukraine

Sensible Gun Reform Efforts

Re-Allocating Police Funding

LGBTQIA+ Communities and Individuals

Domestic Violence/Abuse Survivors

Persons with Disabilities and Differently-Abled Bodies*

As we work to build our brand and grow our businesses, we hope to contribute to positive change in the world around us.

Finally, we recognize the beauty of words and the power of dreams. Embracing the possibilities that can be opened through both words and dreams, we look forward to being part of the solution, finding ways to increase community engagement, and make the impossible a reality, as we build our personal and professional dreams.

*The list of marginalized communities we support is subject to change based on current events, as we endeavor to use our voices to support those who need it most.

Take care, 

the WordTopia Sisters